Lost in the Cosmos Chasing Sustainable Happiness

We would love for you to join us for a VERY exciting evening of chanting, thought-provoking philosophy and a delicious supper!

The evening will feature a lively kirtan, stimulating discussion by special guest Devamrita Swami, followed by vegan-friendly snacks and a chance to relax and hang out with old and new friends.
$10 entry, including food!

Come along and bring a friend, but whatever you do don’t miss out on hearing this compelling presentation by Devamrita Swami.

630pm, Saturday 16th June

A Higher Version of Material Happiness

Switched on people have realised that plain old selfish ways of happiness don't really bring happiness. So they extend their vision and understanding beyond themselves to the greater good, for others and for the world we live in. Is this higher version of material happiness free from complications, kick backs and undesirable footprints? The vedic version says we need to lift our vision higher still.

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Happiness Event Penn State

Promo video for the Happiness event held at Penn State April 2018 with two unique and cutting edge intellectuals - Sam Richards and Devamrita Swami.

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Is it Possible to be Happy all the Time?

Brilliant question and a brilliant answer from the Happiness Event at Melbourne University March 2018


Essential Ingredient for Happiness - Knowledge of Interconnectivity

Everything we do affects everything else. How then can we act in such a way that everyone is benefited? Sustainable happiness, happiness which doesn't exploit other people, other species or the environment is truly found when we have knowledge of the interconnectivity of all living entities and their source, the Supreme source.

The 2 Problems With Material Happiness and What to do About it!

Material happiness has two major problems yet because we know nothing higher we resign ourselves to it, you've gotta get something right? In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna urges us to seek happiness beyond the temporary body and mind, to seek and find our happiness on the level of the conscious self, the level of the soul.